Streamster 4.9

Free Free live streaming software with a built-in cloud-based multistreaming feature
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Streamster is an easy-to-use live streaming software for Windows. It allows users to broadcast to multiple websites at the same time using restreaming technology. There is no complicated set up required and no need to register - the user can start his stream just in a few clicks. Despite the simplicity, it boasts numerous features that allow the user to produce and deliver high-quality live video content with the lowest latency. Streamster makes it easy to manage multiple streams at the touch of a button so streamers can increase your audience and get the exposure they are looking for. Multiple streams management is easy no matter how many platforms are connected at the same time. Better still, during a multiple stream broadcast, the processor load and internet traffic usage will be the same as if streaming to a single website.
Streamster benefits:
- Cloud-based multistreaming;
- Live stream management;
- OBS and other virtual cameras compatible;
- Multistreaming for businesses;
- Pay monthly or for usage time only;
- 2 channels for free;
- A high-quality streaming experience;
- Cloud Backups;
- VPN.



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